While You Stay With Us


When you arrive at High Pointe Health Campus, go to Suite 235 for registration. The registration staff will verify all of your personal information, as well as your insurance information. The HPSC staff will also place an allergy band on your wrist, if applicable, and place an ID band on your wrist so all of our staff can identify you. High Pointe Surgery Center adheres to Joint Commission’s Correct Site Surgery Policies. We strive to ensure correct patient and correct site surgery standards are followed. Several staff members will ask you to identify yourself, verify the correct spelling of your name, and verify the planned procedure to assure your safety. This will be done several times while you are with us, so please be patient and remember that we are doing this to ensure your safety.

Pre-Operative Admitting Area

After you have been registered, a nurse will come and get you and your caregiver(s) and admit you in one of our pre-operative rooms. You will also be asked to sign a surgical and anesthesia consent. During this time, a nurse will review any guidelines with you, as well as prepare you for surgery. You will also be asked to mark your operative site. You will have an opportunity to talk with a member of the anesthesiology health care team and your surgeon prior to surgery. We encourage you to prepare ahead of time any questions you may want to ask. This is a good time to ask questions.

During Surgery

After you have met with all the appropriate members of the health care team, you will be brought back to the operating room. Your caregivers will be brought over to the visitor waiting area during surgery. We encourage all caregivers to remain in the visitor waiting room during surgery in case the surgeon, nurse or anesthesiologist needs to contact you. If your caregiver needs to leave, the front office staff will ask your caregiver for a contact phone number. When the surgery is complete, the surgeon will meet with your caregivers in the consult room to discuss how the surgery went.

 Download the Patient Guide to Surgery