High Pointe Surgery Center Participates in Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety

The Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS) is a statewide patient safety coalition founded in 2000. MAPS members include more than 50 public-private health care organizations, including strategic partners such as the Minnesota Hospital Association, Minnesota Medical Association, Minnesota Department of Health, Stratis Health and Minnesota Medical Insurance Exchange (MMIC) Group.

High Pointe Surgery Center leadership and staff endorse MAPS’ philosophy and commitment to patient safety.

MAPS’ Vision: Safest care possible.

Mission: Utilize diverse stakeholder coalition to address patient safety issues for which collaborative action will advance us toward the vision.

Goals: MAPS will actively provide support to stakeholders to enable them to provide care that is:

  • safe from avoidable harm;
  • coordinated across transitions/settings;
  • an environment where patients are knowledgeable and active participants in their care; and
    care in a transparent and safe culture.